Hey! I'm Hegde 🌊

Welcome to my home on the internet

I love exploring challenging problems, its what keeps me working.

🏫 Currently pursuing my bachelors degree in CSE at PES Uni. Also a part of clubs like HSP and ACM here at my uni and part of both the Mentoring and Design team.

I'm really interested in working with system level, databases, networking concepts. I'm a really huge fan of Tennis and Motersport.

Currently reasearching on Databases and Distributed Systems 🕗. Working on a few projects in go and trying to get my way around rust. Working on the MIT 6.5640 lab for distributed systems.

Image of me as a kid

Projects i've worked on

You can find my work stashed in my repositories at github/bwaklog.

Besides the written content, I like taking pictures, so you might as well come across a few at the clicks page. Also really love playing guitar :D

Getting started

You can find all the indexes of this site at the tags. Its a portal to all the posts and notes that are dumped onto the site.

You can reach me out at aditya.mh@outlook.com 📩

Link to my Résumé 🔗

Socials: LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Béhance


The design on this site derives its inspiration from these amazing people rowjee.com, nelson.co, icyphox.sh