PES University ECC
2023 - Present
  • CGPA: 9.32/10
  • Perusing B.Tech in Computer Science Engineering
  • Awarded CNR-Rao Scholarship for Chemistry Cycle
New Horizon Gurkul
2015 - 2023
  • Grade: 95%
  • Recieved distinction in CBSE PCMC stream



Python, C, Go lang, Rust, HTML, CSS, SQL


Git, Github, MySQL, SQlite, Docker



A distributed peer-to-peer network enabling data synchronisation between all nodes. It is made to provide a communication base for future projects such as a decentralised text editor or file synchronisation system


A blazing fast static site generator written in go. The goal was to provide a feature rich ssg while beating industry standard benchmark render times.


A minimal programming language written in C, making users perform arithmetic and printing operations with pointers.

The Net Nets

A machine learning model providing for hate speech analysis for social media filters. The demo for the application demonstrates its working along with a simple local hosted chat application.


A unique cli application with fuzzy matching, web scraping and using local LLM to summaries xkcd comic snippets from images alone


ACM PESUECC Student Chapter
Mar 2024 - Apr 2024

Partaken in ACM’s 6 week industrial program organised by the student club.

  • The program provided a platform to develop an industrial level application, and learn from working as a team to create a solution from a problem statement in the given timeframe.
  • Worked in a team of 4 in building a static site generator purely written in go
  • Achieved industry level benchmarks of 1.9sec generation for over 4000md files
  • Collaborated on working on features such as back-links, TDD rebuild, indexing, Deep Data Merge
ACM PESUECC Student Chapter
Aug 2023 - present
  • Part of the technical mentor and designing team
  • Assistance in organising club activities
  • Completed the 6 week industrial experience program - AIEP
Oct 2023 - present
  • Part of the technical mentor and designing team
  • Assistance in running club activities
  • Presented projects in the project expo and fireside talks