Quality of work

Parallax in approach

A few thoughts off of my mind, my perspective on effort. It's something I'm a bit particular about. For me, there is a wall separating work achieved from hard work and work done for the sake of it. A wall that no one can pass through unless you change your approach or perspective of a situation.

I'm a person who is particular about my job. I tend to put myself down and set unrealistic expectations at times. Now people would say, I'm crazy for it. But, it's that mindset for me that makes me want to do more.

Every second part of your effort on something counts, it makes a difference. For me, the end result must showcase that effort. You can't spend hours together working on something, only for the end result to be garbage. If it doesn't go in hand with the effort that pooled in.

Being true to your work is one more thing that is very important. Set your margins high, as not everyone has the same perspective. Don't ever make assumptions about whether the other party is on the same wavelength as you are. Things break down real quick the moment that happens. You never expect it and then it hits you, had in the back. All that effort, gone down the drain, and now you're at square one.

xkcd comic 1658 - estimating time
xkcd comic 1658 - estimating time